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Dr. Stacey Lamar

Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Healer, Entrepreneur, Author & Victim Advocate

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New Release

The life of the human Starseed is not easy, to say the least. This soul is naive and bursting with unconditional love and compassion. A natural healer- and many times a natural leader- the Starseed will choose a path that is wrought with challenges prior to conception. Dysfunction, abuse in many forms, manipulation and other negative behaviors are complex Shadows that are often intertwined. Starseed explores the duality of Light vs. Dark as experienced by Dr. Stacey Lamar. Her personal story reframes victimization Starseed shares the steps she developed to heal and thrive in today's challenging world intuited through her spiritual work. The Forgiveness Factor outlines the steps to strengthen self and attune to one's mission and purpose.



I have known Dr. Stacey Lamar for many years and have worked with her as well. She has incredible insight that is combined with exceptional credentials. Her compassion surrounds her in everyday life. Starseed is a very unique book that will help many who have been hurt and struggle with releasing trauma. 


It is a healing book. 

Dr. Lamar expresses a keen insight into the human soul and her ideas will keep you engrossed. Her personal story enhances her credibility as she has experienced more than a few tragic moments.  It is because of her tragedy that she supports and guides other victims to explore spirituality and different methods of healing. 

This book is also for all who seek a better understanding of human behavior.   

~John DeSalvo, Ph.D

The Forgiveness Factor

It is not easy to forgive others for the pain they have intentionally or willingly caused. Human nature wants to interfere with the releasing process. But, it is important to evaluate why letting go of the pain is unappealing. 

It may be harder to forgive oneself for causing pain to others or allowing pain to happen to self. Forgiving one's self can be a daunting process when it comes to truly freeing oneself of the victim shadow. 

The process is individual and unique for each. The goal is to release the sadness so that each day becomes a brighter, more fulfilling one. 

Forgiveness is a transformative and empowering tool available to all

The Forgiveness Factor


The search for professional guidance for any form of spiritual or emotional healing can be daunting. The variety of options and practitioners trained to offer assistance are endless. That is a good thing. There are too many individuals struggling with painful memories and many others seeking their unique purpose for being here. The more experienced providers available to assist the better. But, who to choose? This answer is solely up to the client and should consider what the client is hoping to learn.


Dr. Lamar does not rely on one specific modality, she incorporates different energy techniques  based on the clients belief system and what they wish to accomplish. This alternative approach considers that we are each uniquely energetic and that healing can be accomplished through strengthening our inner Light and releasing Shadow that persists. 


Energy modalities include Reiki, Color Therapy, Aroma Therapy and of course her personal intuitive connection with Spirit.

Sessions can be scheduled privately and semi private workshops are available 

Energetic healing modalities are not a substitute for traditional care 

Dr. Stacey Lamar

About Dr. Lamar

An experienced women's health provider, Dr. Lamar spent most of her career offering a holistic approach to childbirth and women's care. Supporting the patients choice was priority in the decision making process. An advocate for a variety of victims issues, Dr. Lamar never considered that her passion to serve others may be related to her personal experiences beginning with childhood. Her earliest memories being absent of feeling safe or secure. Trauma including emotional and physical abuse led to sustained anxiety and fear that followed her into adulthood. Yet, she never associated her childhood with abuse and she never considered herself a victim. It wasn't until decades later when victimization occurred in her workplace that she began a self assessment which plainly revealed how dysfunctional her personal life was. She was devoted to serving victims, but never realized she was tragically victimized for most of her life. And the pain of victimization was going to inflict more devastating wounds. But, out of the suffering was birthed an appreciation for why these experiences were necessary to her work as a healer and the steps developed to thrive in today's challenging world. Dr. Lamar is a victim advocate that understands pain. 

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